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Patients with obstructive sleep apnea often do not know that they suffer from a sleeping disorder and believe that their symptoms of daytime sleepiness, snoring and difficulty falling asleep is normal. It is important for these patients to seek care for their condition and undergo testing to receive a proper diagnosis of sleep apnea. While many practices perform sleep apnea testing through a sleep study performed in an unfamiliar facility, our doctors offer a much more convenient diagnostic option.

The AliceNightOne home sleep study device is performed in the comfort of your home with the help of a monitoring device that can detect sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea. Any breathing disruptions during sleep are detected by the blood vessels throughout the body and can be detected through the noninvasive test. This easy-to-use test produces reliable results through automated data analysis that determines an accurate diagnosis and treatment assessment for sleep apnea.

Patients simply wear the  AliceNightOne™ overnight and it stores nocturnal data. Comfortable and designed to be worn in all sleep positions, AliceNightOne™ was created to be worn at home, where it’s easier to gather an accurate profile of the patient’s breathing and sleep. There is no risk associated with this testing, and patients will benefit from a highly reliable and accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Boole and his team will provide you with specific instructions or answer any questions you may have prior to using the device.

Here is a YouTube™ video on how to wear it.  CLICK HERE FOR AliceNightOne VIDEO

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