Allergy Testing

allergy testing

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Testing for allergies may be important to determine the cause of your troubling symptoms.  Allergy testing is also important to identify the specific allergens that trigger your reactions. Identifying the specific cause of your symptoms helps you avoid these triggers as much as possible to reduce the frequency of symptoms.  It may also provide a recipe for immunotherapy if needed or desired.

There are several different tests available to identify allergens. The most sensitive is skin testing.  This method uses plastic prongs to expose the skin to specific allergens such as grass pollen or others.  A positive result will form a bump similar to a mosquito bite.  Results are available in 20 minutes.  Blood testing is also available.  This method may be preferred for patients with severe asthma or certain heart issues/medications.

You will need to stop taking antihistamines or other medications before undergoing these tests, so speak to the office in order to achieve the most effective results.  Allergy instructions can be found on our Patient Resources page.

If Dr. Boole, a fellow of the American Academy of Otolahryngic Allergy,  recommends allergy testing, we have a dedicated Allergy Room for your comfort and privacy.

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