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Need Sinus Help?

Fortunately, with proper evaluation and treatment, most patients will be able to avoid sinus surgery.  Avoidance of unnecessary surgery is Dr. Boole’s main goal.

When all other efforts fail, surgery is usually performed to enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses. A patient may choose surgery if other treatments (i.e. medications, nasal sprays, humidifiers, etc.) have failed to alleviate chronic sinus conditions.  The major advantage of sinus surgery is that it allows for the delivery of medications into the sinuses with irrigation rather than orally.  Surgery can be performed using various techniques including:

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery: the doctor uses a thin camera to examine the openings of the sinuses and remove abnormal or obstructive tissue
  • Balloon sinuplasty: a tiny balloon may be used as a tool to dilate the drainage pathways with minimal tissue injury and faster recovery
  • Image-guided surgery: uses a computer generated 3D model of the sinuses for navigation during surgery

Usually these procedures are performed on an out-patient basis. During recovery, patients may feel the symptoms of a sinus infection.  Pain is possible as with any surgery but patients are often off of narcotic pain medications after the first few days.  Downtime is typically short and return to full routine activity often happens in under a week.

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